Social Media KPIs Don’t Have to Be Frustrating.

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Why are you even doing this?

This is usually where problems start: lack of a clear goal.

Customer support

Xbox is using Twitter to provide support to their users

Screenshot from Xbox Twitter

Customer research

GoPro introduced Photo of the Day on Facebook. They post photos taken by their users. That’s how they gather information about who their users are and how/when they’re using their products.

Screenshot from GoPro Facebook page

Attracting new talent

Lush is using Facebook and Insta to build awareness among potential hires.

Screenshot from Lush Facebook page

Brand awareness

Daye is building a strong and distinctive brand on social media. They have a very clear mission which is to bridge the gender gap in both medical research and innovation.

Screenshot from Daye’s Instagram
  • % of questions answered within 5 min
  • # of insights about the target audience per week
  • # of comments on your posts
  • # of followers & reach

Start small

When you type “social media KPIs” in Google you can get stressed only by looking at the search results:

It’s not (always) about sales

The common mistake I notice some beginners make is trying to attribute sales or leads to social media.

  • You are not able to see traffic from Instagram posts because Instagram doesn’t allow links (only in stories if you have more than 10k followers, in the bio or if you’re an e-shop).
  • Some social platforms algorithms are not in favour of posts with external links because they simply want you to stay on the platform and keep on scrolling.

Key takeaways

  • Pick KPIs that support your ultimate goal (customer support, attracting new talent, brand awareness, customer research or others)
  • Stick to one most important KPI at a time and move to the next one only if you’ve achieved the first one.
  • Don’t try too hard to attribute sales to social media.



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